How to restart a Dell laptop

How To Restart A Dell Laptop

 Many people use laptops, and many of those people own Dell laptops. The famous brand of laptops is known for its sleek design, excellent performance, and long battery life. However, this positive reputation is marred by the fact that a small number of users experience severe problems with their Dell laptops. If you have a problem with your laptop, like Restart Issue, you can address the issue in one of three ways. You can buy a new computer, sell your broken laptop on social media, or sacrifice it to the gods so it can restart on its own. Choosing which option to take will depend on the issue you’re dealing with.

On/Off Button not showing:

Most laptops have an on/off switch for restarting. This option is easy to follow if you’re dealing with a minor issue. It’s also effective if you’re having trouble with your laptop because it saves power by turning off unnecessary components. It’s not as effective if you’re struggling with a significant problem that requires major repairs, but it can be helpful if you need a quick fix for more minor issues. E.g., if your computer won’t turn on at all, an on/off switch won’t help much since it won’t fix that problem either way. 

Don’t do this:

You must avoid touching soldering and other components during restart. Many people don’t know this, but touching these components during restart can cause severe damage to your computer system. This damage causes irreparable harm to critical internal systems that aren’t repairable without sacrificing their parts first. Therefore, it would be best to avoid any potential contact when restarting your laptop unless there are no other options. Luckily, this isn’t an issue since most repairs are simple enough that they don’t require sacrificing parts unless something goes wrong!

Wait Until:

You should avoid using a live human sacrifice to restart your laptop since this doesn’t seem very efficient or eco-friendly! Since computers already have built-in self-destruct mechanisms, there’s no point in sacrificing them so that they can start again on their own! However, suppose there are no other options left, and there’s still significant damage to the system from previous sacrifices. In that case, which may require humans to sacrifice to succeed anyway! Thankfully, human sacrifices are rare in today’s world, so few computers will ever need such drastic measures to start again!

Those are some extreme measures. However, users of Dell laptops may find themselves unable to resolve some reasonably minor issues without following them closely or sacrificing their computer system at some point! Fortunately, it Can be resolved without sacrificing extra care during restarts! Laptop users should remember these tips when dealing with problems to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently!


1. Press F12 to begin

What is the function key located under the space bar on your keyboard? If you have forgotten how to access BIOS settings, then press F12. You may need to hold down the Fn button while pressing F12.

2. Select “Boot Menu.”

Once you have pressed F12 5 times, you should see a menu. From here, select the option that says “Boot Options.”

 3. Choose UEFI Firmware Settings

You will want to choose the option “UEFI Firmware Settings.”

 4. Change the boot order:

You will now want to change the boot order. To do this:

  • Click on the screen’s arrow at the top right corner.
  • Scroll down until you find the entry that says ‘Hard Drive.’
  • Click on it and then move the slider to the left.

 5. Restart Your Laptop

Then you will need to restart your computer after changing the boot order. Once done, you will be able to use your Dell laptop again.

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