How to charge laptop in the car

How to charge laptop in the car

Charging your laptop in a car is an efficient way to use your laptop. But, it cannot be easy if you do not know how to do it. You can use the battery’s power for work or play by learning how to charge a laptop in a car.

Should charge a laptop battery on a desktop or laptop because these are powerful enough to charge your battery. A charger for your computer will have a USB slot for charging the battery. You can also buy special chargers with your car’s socket and use your phone as a power bank while charging. It is best to charge your battery at least once every few weeks to be ready when you need it.

Air vents are spaces inside your car where warm air escapes from under the hood. Laptop batteries get hot when charged and this heat escapes through the air vents. Having direct contact with the battery is dangerous as it could cause burns or damage to the battery. Place it on a sturdy surface like a table or chair and plug it in to charge. Or, use an external charging dock that sits on an outlet, so you don’t need to worry about direct contact with the battery.

The most suitable way to charge your laptop from a car is with an external car charger. These are convenient as they keep the cable away from the hot parts of the battery and sit in the cigarette lighter socket on cars without damaging it either way. These chargers are more expensive than an external dock, but ensure you have access to one before charging from a car, as this poses too much risk of damage to the battery!

Charging your laptop from a car is an efficient way to use its power. But, some dangers are involved if you don’t know how to do it. You can charge your laptop by keeping it near an AC outlet in the garage or house and using an external charger when possible.

1. Charge Laptop In Car Using USB Cable

Connecting a laptop to a power outlet while driving is not advisable. If you connect your laptop to a power outlet, you could risk damaging your laptop if something goes wrong. Instead, use a USB cable to charge your laptop. You can buy a USB charger at any electronics store.

2. Connect Your Phone To A Car Charger

If you have a smartphone, connecting it to a car charger is a great way to keep your phone charged. Many smartphones now have built-in car chargers. Yet, some older models must have a separate adapter.

3. Use an Extension Cord

An extension cord lets you plug your device into a wall socket without unplugging it. Most devices only need a standard three-pronged plug, which means they can fit into a standard extension cord.

4. Plug Into Your Power Outlet While Driving

When using a power outlet while driving, put the car in the park first. Then, turn off the ignition and remove the keys before plugging in the device.

5. Leave Your Phone On When Parking

Please leave your phone plugged in when parking so that it keeps charging. Who prevents your battery from draining completely?

6. Turn Off Bluetooth

Bluetooth connections drain your battery faster than usual. Turning off Bluetooth helps save your battery.

7. Keep Your Device Away From Sunlight

Sunlight can cause damage to electronic components, including phones. Keeping your phone away from direct sunlight reduces the chances of damage.

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