What If Dinosaurs Survived the Asteroid?

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Dinosaurs are the largest animals ever in the world which are now became extinct. Many years ago, a huge asteroid found the worst possible angle and place where it could land on Earth. But let’s imagine the asteroid falling in another place – somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Huge waves flooded part of the land, but almost all kinds of dinosaurs survived. Or even better – the rock could have fallen somewhere in the desert and left behind a giant crater. Who would dominate the planet today, and would we be able to develop as humans?

 Why did asteroid destroyed?

The problem with that asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs was not that it fell, but where it fell. This colossal space rock found the worst place where it could land. Also, the angle at which it hit the ground was the most unfortunate. If it had fallen , there would have been less destruction. But it fell at such an angle that it threw a huge amount of dust into the air.

Effects of disaster:

After the disaster occurred, tones of soot started burning 65 million years ago. Only 13 percent of the earth’s surface contained the right amount of Sulphur and oil needed to form a colossal amount of soot. If the asteroid had fallen on the other 87 percent of the territory. dinosaurs could still be living today. But it hit the worst place and lifted a million tons of burning material into the sky. Then, a cloud of incandescent particles covered the sky and set off on a journey across the mainland, causing large-scale fires.

Effects Of Collision:

The asteroid collided with rocks and fell on the coast in a place where the seabed filled with sulfate. As a result of the collision, it started burning. The air became poisoned. It appears the dinosaurs didn’t stand a chance. The rock could have fallen somewhere in the desert and left behind a giant crater that’s allies. several dinosaurs passing by wouldn’t have survived the collision. But in general, giant lizards remain dominant on our planet since tyrannosaurus. There ferocious reptiles hunt mammoths and other ancient creatures.

Effects on human population:

The population of mammals is decreasing. Velociraptors are fighting for territories alongside saber-toothed tigers and giant ostriches. A struggle for survival begins between dinosaurs and other animals. Then the ice age comes and some reptiles don’t survive. New players enter the field. Those are humans’ early ancestors. Living side by side with dinosaurs was difficult. Lizards attacked settlements and caves. so people had to build high walls for protection. By the way, the tyrannosaurus poses less danger to people than you might have thought.

Paleontologists and biologists research :

According to the latest research, many creatures were able to run away from this monster. Yes, you saw how they caught up with cars in movies, but it wouldn’t be as scary in reality. Paleontologists and biologists have analyzed the strength of dinosaur bones and found out that the creature couldn’t reach high speeds. The largest it was capable of was running twice as as a field athlete. Thousands of years have passed, and people have learned to live with dinosaurs. They’ve even managed to tame somelizards. They’ve domesticated herbivorous dinosaurs to develop agriculture.

Help in farming:

Triceratops and bulls now plough fields. Together, imagine farms swarming with diplodocuses or brontosaur uses. People climb their long necks and pick fruit from high trees. Stegosauruses protect pastures from wolves and velociraptors. People, along with camels and donkeys, carry heavy loads across deserts. People share the planet with ancient lizards and live in harmony.

Powerful sea lizard:

The situation in the seas and oceans is much worse. Sea reptiles attack wooden ships and catch all the fish. Imagine that you’re sailing to another continent with tons of grain, fabrics, and other goods. Then a giant mosasaur appears on the horizon. It’s one of the most powerful sea lizard the great white shark looks like a small fish next to it. The creature could defeat Amegalodon. Then it comes across a wooden ship. It bites into the deck and pulls the whole boat underwater. Dinosaurs are the main obstacle to communication between countries. This slows the progress down for hundreds of years.

People defending from dinosaurs:

People built metal ships to withstand the attacks of the mosasaurs, and finally they managed to establish sea connections. A similar problem occurs when the first planes take off into the sky. Imagine you’re flying on a passenger plane. You look out of the window and see a pterodactyl. Wait a minute, these winged lizards aren’t so fast, but they can catch up with a helicopter or some old biplanes. This poses a serious threat to flights. People install sound protection systems on board each plane. Pterodactyls hear irritating ultrasound from a distance and as far away from it as possible. People equip submarines and ships with the same sound shields. Then, after people have learned how to defend themselves from dinosaurs, another problem appears

Animals migration:

Lizards are the kings of wildlife, so they displace all other animal species. Dinosaurs run across African savannas, and lizards with fur live in cold winter forests. Lions, wolves, and bears are not the rulers of the wild. Rhinos fight with parasaurolophysiss the Gosau ruses. They attack hippos and take away their territories. Imagine a reptilian ape jumping from one branch to another to save regular animals from extinction. Venomous dinosaurs live in jungles with lizards that can climb trees and scare monkeys. People have to control the population of predatory reptiles.

Domestic lizards:

Reptile parks and nature reserves appear in all countries. People transport dinosaurs there and separate them from other wildlife. Dinosaurs seem to be completely under control when the danger caused by giant reptiles passes. People begin to breed harmless lizards. There is a chameleon and a microcosmic at home. There are dinosaur exhibitions where people take these creatures for a walk as if they were dogs. Some people take selfies with reptiles, go shopping, and sit in cafes with small lizards. Dinosaurs aren’t formidable now, they’re kind of cute. People ride horses.

Dinosaurs Taming velociraptors:

Camel’s parasaurolophysis and patchy cephalosauruses Of course. Many have tried to tame velociraptors but failed. Those are dangerous reptiles and they don’t know how to obey. Taming them is almost as difficult as taming an alligator. Dogs and cats are still more popular because they’re more intelligent. The brain of a dinosaur is almost the same as that of a chicken. But who knows, if they had lived to this day, they would have evolved into smarter creatures. In this case, people would have a big problem.

Dinosaurs huge body problem:

Just imagine if dinosaurs were intelligent. Some scientists think that even if the meteorite hadn’t destroyed the dinosaurs, they wouldn’t have survived to this day. They needed to carry their own colossal weight at all times. It was an enormous load on their bones and joints. Most dinosaurs wouldn’t have been able to survive the ice age with these characteristics. But smaller lizards might have succeeded, and agile dinosaurs such as velociraptors and patchy cephalosauruses. would have survived, but in what form could dinosaurs have already evolved into something else?

Descendants of dinosaurs:

Look at the good old chicken. Many scientists believe it’s a direct descendant of the formidable Tyrannosaurus. Somewhere deep inside the bird’s DNA there are genes that the dinosaur had. It’s hard to believe, but look at the chicken’s body structure and how it walks. Remove the plumage, cover the creature with scales and give it toothy jaws instead of a beak and now you have a mini T-rex in the coop. Many birds are living descendants of dinosaurs.


, alligators, snakes, crocodiles, and check lizards are not as close to ancient reptiles as pelicans, storks, and other flying creatures. Over millions of years of evolution, the paws of dinosaurs turned into wings, and their teeth elongated jaws ended up as beaks. The genetics of birds is the key to understanding dinosaurs. Pelicans’ are like pterodactyls, ostriches and velociraptors. Many other animals also share some genes with ancient lizards. If the meteorite hadn’t fallen, all dinosaurs would have evolved into completely unusual creatures.

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