How to check if iPhone is original using serial number

How to check if iPhone is original using serial number

 Every iPhone has a serial number. The serial number is a series of numbers and letters to identify your device. It’s also how Apple determines whether an iPhone is an original or not. If your iPhone has a missing or damaged serial number, you can make sure it’s an original by using several online resources. This article will teach you how to check if your iPhone has an actual serial number using several apps and websites.

 The serial number is usually located on the bottom of your iPhone. Some older models of the iPhone did not have a Touch ID, so you may need to remove the back cover to access the serial number. Ensure you look at the bottom of your device when checking the number. You can also find this information on your iPhone’s packaging. You can also check for an original serial number using several online resources.

Apple’s website 

  • CNET’s website 
  • iFixit website 

If you find that your iPhone does not have an original serial number, there are several ways to tell if it’s a counterfeit model. Counterfeit models usually have no serial number or one that contains errors. You can tell genuine iPhones from counterfeits when you look at them closely under strong light sources like fluorescent lamps or sunlight. Original iPhones usually have some branding, such as a manufacturer stamp. Counterfeit iPhones usually feel heavier than genuine models because they are often loaded with heavy-duty batteries. 

The Home button on genuine iPhones has rounded corners, whereas counterfeit models have flat ones. The SIM card slot on fake iPhones is square, while accurate models are rounder. Original iPhones feel more solid since they do not use heavy-duty batteries and may even be missing their battery; counterfeit iPhones become hot immediately without any battery power. Original headphone jacks do not feel pressed in like fake models; instead, they slightly protrude from the base of the jack. Original ear pads have no creases or folds in them. Counterfeit models do; rather, there will be lines indicating where it was manufactured and sold by Apple. 

 Applying these observations will help you determine whether your device is genuine or not. Remember that some devices may contain several counterfeit features at once, so opt for extra scrutiny if needed. For instance, if it lacks a serial number but has all other counterfeits described above, it’s most likely a fake device. Ultimately, knowing what to look for will help you avoid buying fake Apple products and protect yourself against poor-quality products and services.

Top 7 ways to check if iPhone is original using the serial number

1. Check the back cover of your iPhone

 The back cover of your phone contains the serial number. If you don’t have the serial number, the phone was not manufactured by Apple. You may find the serial number by opening the box and looking at the sticker on the bottom.

 2. Look for the model name and year

 If you know what kind of iPhone you own, look for the model name and the year of production. If you don’t know your iPhone type, take it to an authorized service center.

 3. Go online

 You can go online to find the serial number. Some websites provide information about the serial numbers of iPhones.

 4. Call Apple

 Call Apple’s customer service department. Tell them that you want to verify the authenticity of your device. Please give them the serial number they provided you. They will tell you whether the phone is original or not.

 5. Use iTunes

 Use iTunes to sync your iPhone with your computer. Then open iTunes and click on your iPhone. Click on the Summary tab and scroll down until you see Serial Number. Copy the serial number from iTunes and paste it into the search bar on the website mentioned above.

 6. Find the serial number

 Go to the website and enter the serial number you copied from iTunes. If the serial number matches the serial number listed on the website, then the phone is authentic.

 7. Compare the serial number

 Compare the serial number on the website with the serial number on the back cover of your phone. If a match, then the phone is original.

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