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Bing Robot Doing Math

Mikhail Parakhin from Microsoft shared how usually the completely different modes in Microsoft Copilot, previously often known as Bing Chat, are used. There’s Balanced mode, artistic mode and exact mode. Balanced mode will get 60-70% of the usages, whereas the opposite two modes get about 15% every.

Mikhail wrote on X, “Balanced is the most well-liked, perhaps 60-70% of the folks (it’s the quickest and the default). Artistic and Exact are 15%-ish every.”

Bing Chat Copilot Modes

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Bing Chat Usage Post

I assumed artistic mode would get extra utilization than exact mode due to the picture era side however I suppose I used to be unsuitable.

To be taught extra about these chat modes, learn this story.

Discussion board dialogue at X.

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